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Customized to each business case, The Kerton Group analysts provide unparalled value for innovations by leveraging our proprietary research libraries, network of innovation executives and active startup recruiting.

Innovation Pipeline
Due Diligence

We were all very impressed by Derek's depth of understanding of the industry, our business, and how he could add value to our business.

Stephen Ospalak


Derek is a safe pair of hands (results and timeliness/quality of deliverables) with a real brain. He adapts very well to all level of audiences, and will deliver quality if it is a specific piece of research on an expert subject or a wider piece of business analysis for senior decision making.

Jean-Marc Frangos


I find Liz to be one of the most talented individuals that I have ever worked with, regardless of the industry or the need. She is a true professional with a great breadth of expertise with the results to back it up.

Michael Hickerson


Derek has performed for us a variety of missions related to the telecom industry. He has in-depth knowledge of the telecom market and excellent insight of its evolutions both technical and marketing.

Vincent Maret

Bouygues Group

Derek's knowledge of the wireless sector goes very deep. I am also impressed with his ability to identify and organize issues/problems and to put together action plans that address the issues/problems.

Paul Moon

Apple Pay

Thanks to the wireless industry knowledge, organizational and communication skills, and charisma of Liz and the Kerton Group, we were ultimately more successful that we had ever anticipated.

Jon Hambidge

IP Wireless

Liz is brilliant - I started the Qualcomm Innovation Center from scratch and needed to quickly engage with the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Liz helped me make this happen. We created a cloud services business with her help.

Steven Gray


Derek has a unique blend of product, business and financial sense. He adds value on every project he touches. He's a super team player and really 'gets it' when it comes to results.

Reuven Carlyle

Washington State Senate

I was impressed at Derek's ability to see (and present) the future trends that would shape the mobile phone OS space. Derek's positive attitude and character enabled him to overcome difficult obstacles.

Peter Liefeld

Kaiser Permanente

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Innovation Scouting Clients

Through our thought leadership roles in the innovation ecosystem, The Kerton Group analysts’ have unique first-hand knowledge of technology trends, innovation objectives, strategies and processes. This knowledge helps us deliver customized, well-rounded analysis and guidance to build effective innovation programs. 

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With twenty years of high tech innovation experience, The Kerton Group has intimate knowledge of the innovation process, access to buyers and sellers, and a 360-degree view of the ecosystem. Our services are all executed under the same philosophy:

  • Inside and out - Internal and external innovation go hand-in-hand – we know you can’t have one without the other - so we work with our clients to understand both sides of the coin, to leverage the expertise you have in-house and align the potential of what could support your objectives externally.

  • Use it or lose it – As one of your key resources, we know your team has insight to impact your future success. We access this information as the foundation for building a competitive approach to your innovation needs.

  • The power of many - Our curated network of industry leaders provides knowledge and opportunity which reaches beyond the four walls of your office, or ours. Together, with the expertise of our worldwide network of innovators, no rock remains unturned.

  • Collaboration or bust – As an extension of your innovation team, we take our role as your partner very seriously. While we incorporate our knowledge of the latest technologies and tools, we measure our success by watching your results.

Our Services:

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Program & Planning

Although our analysts are very useful tools for innovation planning purposes, they also have great value for other related activities. With twenty years of deployed insight, The Kerton Group analysts have supported countless successful market predictions, product launches, and deployed partnerships. This referenceable insight is easily leveraged by press, advisory boards and event audiences around the world. 

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