SK Telecom:Paul Moon

"Derek's knowledge of the wireless sector goes very deep. I am also impressed with his ability to identify and organize issues/problems and to put together action plans that address the issues/problems."

SK Telecom

Qualcomm:Steven Gray

"Liz is brilliant - I started the Qualcomm Innovation Center from scratch and needed to quickly engage with the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Liz helped me make this happen. We created a cloud services business with her help."


Telus:Stephen Ospalak

"We were all very impressed by Derek's depth of understanding of the industry, our business, and how he could add value to our business."


Dolby Labs (acquired Step Labs):Michael Hickerson

"I find Liz to be one of the most talented individuals that I have ever worked with, regardless of the industry or the need. She is a true professional with a great breadth of expertise with the results to back it up."

Dolby Labs (acquired Step Labs)

BT:Jean-Marc Frangos

"Derek is a safe pair of hands (results and timeliness/quality of deliverables) with a real brain. He adapts very well to all level of audiences, and will deliver quality if it is a specific piece of research on an expert subject or a wider piece of business analysis for senior decision making."


IP Wireless (bought by General Dynamics):Jon Hambidge

"Thanks to the wireless industry knowledge, organizational and communication skills, and charisma of Liz and the Kerton Group, we were ultimately more successful that we had ever anticipated."

IP Wireless (bought by General Dynamics)

Bouygues Telecom:Vincent Maret

"Derek has performed for us a variety of missions related to the telecom industry. He has in-depth knowledge of the telecom market and excellent insight of its evolutions - both technical and marketing."

Bouygues Telecom

Xypoint (bought by Comtech):Reuven Carlyle

"Derek has a unique blend of product, business and financial sense. He adds value on every project he touches. He's a super team player and really 'gets it' when it comes to results."

Xypoint (bought by Comtech)

Bloomberg:Kerton Says Sprint Could Use Spectrum to Boost Shares (Mar 2012)

BloombergTV interview on with an outlook on Sprint Nextel Corp in 2012

watch the interview

TechDirt:Techdirt Writer/Contributor

20 years of contributions to the TechDirt blog and analyst community online.

Derek on TechDirt

RCR Wireless:Android 2.0 healthy competition for Apple (Oct 2009)

So what does the Android OS mean for competing OSes? Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Mobile and Nokia Corp.’s Symbian OSes are likely big losers in the space, although they brought on the trouble themselves, said Derek Kerton, principal analyst at the Kerton Group.

Article on RCR
RCR Wireless

Informa:IoT World 2016

Interview on Future Connected Cars

Watch the interview

E-Commerce Times:AT&T Baits Pay-TV Hooks With Unlimited Mobile Data (Jan 2016)

AT&T's offer is even more clever than T-Mobile's Binge On, because consumers who cut the cord often rely more on wireless data, Kerton said. Those who turn to mobile data for all their Internet needs eventually are labeled "data hogs" by the wireless carriers.

Article from 2016
E-Commerce Times

RCR Wireless:Contributions since 2010

Index of articles published on RCR Wireless

Index of Derek's articles on RCRWireless
RCR Wireless

Insight Community:Contributor

Contributor to the Insight Community a platform for expertise on demand managed by The Copia Institute.

Derek on Insight Community
Insight Community

Dice:GigaOm's Mobolize Conference 2011

Interview on Dice about the future of MobileOS

watch the interview

Copia Institute:White Paper For Techdirt: How To Respond To The iPhone? (June 2007)

Spot on predictions on the iPhone and its industry impact before the release of the first iPhone in 2007.

Read the predictions
Copia Institute

CNN:Cities find Wi-Fi future (Oct 2004)

"Ultimately, widespread municipal Wi-Fi projects will fail, Kerton believes, as residents quickly demand new technology down the road."

Read the article on CNN

TU-Automotive:Webinar (Aug 2016)

“[Automotive manufacturers] need to find companies stable enough and with enough investment to make it through the product development cycle with a car company, which everybody knows is not short,” Kerton said.

Read the article on Techcrunch

CTIA:Safe Apps for the Connected Car (Feb 2014)

Liz Kerton discusses the challenges and importance of developing apps for the connected car that promote safety and keep the driver's attention focused on the roads.

Watch the interview

Detroit Free Press:Tech diplomat works to connect Detroit's auto industry, Silicon Valley startups (Feb 2018)

"Big automotive companies sometimes need help finding the little companies that can move them to innovate. That's where Liz Kerton comes in."

Read the Story
Detroit Free Press

sdx central:Telcos Eye Multi-Billion Dollar IoT Opportunity (Nov 2017)

“When it comes to IoT, “you need to pick you battles,” Kerton said. “Wineries probably not. But smart cities yes.”

Read more
sdx central

Enterprise IoT Insights:Reviews of CES tradeshows over several years

Index of contributions and articles on Enterprise IoT Insights - a multimedia, multichannel community and event series for ICT decision makers

Articles listed here
Enterprise IoT Insights