"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them."
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Derek Kerton - Principal Innovation Analyst

Mr. Kerton is internationally recognized and proven to impact business. With 20+ years of industry expertise, Derek has been advising startups, telecom operators, technology vendors and investors on opportunities and threats across high-tech for 15 years. His expertise spans alliances, business development, management, strategy and implementation of technologies across software, infrastructure, applications and content for consumer, enterprise and automotive users.



Derek’s distinguished experience combined with his profound knowledge of the market and his relationships with key players in the high-tech space, have proven to be valuable tools to all of his clients. Internationally recognized on TV, in print, and on stage, for his strategic insight into what's coming in the high-tech industry, he is a veteran expert in the high-tech, communications and automotive markets. Derek holds an MBA from Cornell and speaks Spanish and French.


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  • Autotech Council

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Liz Kerton - Corporate Innovation Analyst

Liz Kerton, Managing Director, also holds the positions of President of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley and Executive Director of the Autotech Council. Named by San Jose Business Journal as one of ‘Silicon Valley’s most influential women’ and by Auto Connected Car News as ‘Best Connected Car Tech Analyst and Leader’, Liz has successfully launched, marketed, and grew over 10 companies including 3 which led to successful acquisition.


Building on 15+ years experience working with high-tech companies and 20 years of entrepreneurial history, Liz is a master at connecting innovation creators with innovation seekers. Ms. Kerton speaks French, Spanish, and startup, and has a MA in Diplomacy from Tufts University's Fletcher School.


Recently Quoted
Board Advisory Roles
  • Autotech Council

  • Mobility Impact Partners

  • IoT Forum

  • Telecom Exchange

  • Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

  • Detroit Free Press

  • RCR Wireless

  • Silicon Valley Business Journal 

  • Auto Connected Car News

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