For companies operating in this digital era of rapid transformation, innovation is something you do to survive. The Kerton Group identifies disruptive technologies with the power to turn "survive" into "thrive".


Integrated in the forefront of the technology ecosystem, our high-tech expertise and unparalled network of influencer relationships supports companies looking to engage external innovation to impact their future success.


Our approach


Strategizing success for high tech innovation programs.

innovate to THRIVE


The Kerton Group contributes to External Innovation Programs of
20 telcos, 10 car makers, 100s of tier 1 suppliers.

Due diligence

With actively engaged analysts, we conduct due diligence on over 500 startups every year.


With our integrated role in the community, we introduce 100s of startups to corporate innovation partners and corporate venture funds annually.

Partnership successes

With our seasoned ability to match technology

 opportunities to innovation objectives, 80% of startup introductions result in 2nd meetings.

Orchestrated networks to accelerate innovation

With hundreds of leading technology companies, thousands of startups, 50 global telecom operators, and 30 worldwide auto manufacturers, our analysts lead scheduled innovation discussions which influence billions of dollars of business around the world.

Internet of things Technology

Our approach to innovation strategy is just as innovative as the solutions we seek. With proprietary tools and 30 years of industry experience, we conduct multipronged analysis to ensure that all possible opportunities and outcomes are evaluated.

Innovative approach to innovation strategy.

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