In Silicon Valley, we have an expression:

     When you have the right partners, 1+1= 3.

Partnership is another area of corporate development where companies need to be keenly aware of trends and changes and always analyzing technology and business innovations across related industries. Through major technology convergence over 20 years, we've seen industries that were separate become one and partnerships form between companies where there were previously no synergies. 

Kerton Group partnership clients benefit from our deep insights into where your industry, customers, and competitors are headed and a global network of innovation and partnership executives across many technologies.

Projects can include:

  • Training & Education: Making sure our clients know whats coming next and what's happening right now in related technologies and industries so they can build their own partnership plans.
  • Partnership Strategy: Defining the type of partner for your go-to-market, technology development, or funding objectives.
  • Introductions: We maintain an international network of tech, telecom, and mobility industry executives to introduce when there is a good fit.
  • Representation: For clients who need someone to work with partners face-to-face.

All partnership work starts with a full day whiteboard session with your key executives and decision makers, and can stop there or extend in many different directions as needed.